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Christchurch South Methodist Parish

40c Stourbridge Street, Spreydon, Christchurch, 8024

Phone: (03) 980 5002


Rev Andrew Donaldson


St Marks Methodist Church (Christchurch)

94 Barrington Street, Somerfield, Christchurch, 8024

Phone (03) 332 0699
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  • Rev Andrew Donaldson

    Phone: 027 428 7356

Preaching Plan



May 5th 10:00 am:     Morning Worship with

                                   Holy Communion

                                   Rev Andrew Donaldson

                4:00 pm      Contemplative Service

                                   Note the move to winter time

                                   Rev Andrew Donaldson

                                   at Whareora, 8 Athelstan St.


May 12th 10:00 am:   Morning Worship, Mothers' Day

                                   Rev Andrew Donaldson 


May 19th 10:00 am:    Morning Worship

                                   Linda Cowan


May 26th 10:00 am:   Morning Worship, Wesley Day    

                                   Worship Team 

                                   Speaker Sela Sikaleti

                                   from the Central Mission 



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Our Vision

  • Growing & sharing our faith in God, 
  • Joining together for worship & celebration, 
  • Living faith by serving others and offering hospitality to our local community.
2022 St Marks church

Our Values


Presbyter's Ramblings



Presbyter’s Ramblings

 We are about to enter the Pentecost Season. The Day of Pentecost will be celebrated this year on the 19th May. It might be of interest to know that the Day of Pentecost is the last Day in the Season of Easter. We enter the following Season, Pentecost, the very next day. Pentecost Season is then disrupted by Trinity Sunday when we again return to Pentecost on the Monday.

 The numbers of Sundays in Pentecost are determined by the date on which Easter falls.  Because Easter was early this year there are more Sundays, sometimes called Ordinary Sundays, before the Advent Season commences. Pentecost concludes on the 24th of November with the celebration of the Reign of Christ.

In some Methodist denominations, most notably the United Methodist Church, the last four Sundays in Pentecost are celebrated as the Season of Kingdomtide.

The Catholic Church’s Ordinariate, a liturgical tradition for former Anglicans and Methodists uses Trinity Sunday as the start of a liturgical period, with successive Sundays designated as “Sundays after Trinity”

Pentecost literally means 50 days of Easter. This number does not include Sundays, of which there are six. Pentecost Day commemorates the gifting of the Holy Spirit to the Church. It is sometimes referred to as to the birthday of the Church. Pentecost is rooted in the ancient Jewish celebration of the five (penta) books of the Law.

 The Pentecost Season or days of Ordinary time is a period of immersing ourselves in the Gospels, the acts of Jesus, the acts of the early Church, the acts of the Church throughout history, and welcoming the Holy Spirit’s leadership into our lives, as individuals and corporately as the Church. It is a time of hope.

Dan Wilt writes “In this Season, we, live, love, pray, laugh, encourage, imagine, heal; run like water to the lowest places,” In doing this we live the Spirit of Jesus into being.

During Pentecost we have a subset of Sundays known as the Season of Creation. This is a relatively recent innovation into our liturgical tradition.









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